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I just realized I jumped the gun on my Stencil Girl link. My post doesn’t go live until June 15th…. So check them out NOW but remember to go back on the 15th to see my Stencilgirl Talk. My Etsy Shop is ready to go so click on through to see all the new work…. Oh yeah and don’t forget to breathe…


Check out this painting and more at my Etsy Shop


Seeing in Double & Triple & …. the Joy of Working in Multiples


painting in my latest BREATHE series

Hello dear readers, I promised I would get back to blogging more regularly and here I am! I’m excited to be the guest blogger for Stencil Girl stencils this week and I want you to check it out at stencilgirl talk. They gave me 4 stencils of my choice from their vast collection and asked me to cut loose and produce. The post walks you through all the steps of making my latest expressive paintings – not a surprise I revisited a theme that keeps popping up in my work – BREATHE.

When I’m working on these expressive paintings I like to have a whole bunch of canvases and wood panels to work on at one time. I think that frees me up to experiment more with pattern and color combinations so no one piece gets too precious. I really can “mess it up” because if I do I just add another layer and push the composition to a place I like, if it doesn’t work – no worries I have 10 other canvases that I am experimenting on. This time I used my stencil girl stencils for pattern then cut my own stencils for the figure and the lotus to create my focal point. I have made that stencil in 3 sizes so I can experiment with scale and repetition. I am happy with what I came up with.


a sampling of paintings now available in my Etsy shop

I just posted all these paintings on my Etsy Shop. I have painting in these series and others for small 6×8” pieces for $20 up to 18×24” pieces for $275 and everything in between. I hope you’ll check out my shop and see detail photos of this entire series and my guest blogger post on Stencil Girl Talk to see all the steps in making the work.

Until next time – be well.

Supported: an uplifting story

"Supported Green" featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

“Supported Green” featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

I am excited to share my latest article in Quilting Arts Magazine.  This is a great issue about artist giving back.  I submitted the art quilt of the bra and the words supported back in the spring.  Earlier in the year I had donated a wooden art piece using this image to a Cloth Paper Scissors auction designed to raise money for breast cancer research.  As it happens the editor of Quilting Arts magazine bought that piece.  She told me later that she had intended to give it to a friend with breast cancer but then soon after found out she herself had breast cancer.  She found this image to be a powerful reminder that she was not alone in her struggle.  I was gratified hear this story and humbled to know that I could help comfort through my art in some small way.  I love the bra image and decided to play around with it and the “supported” message in fabric.  This exploration lead to the magazine article I am sharing with you today.  The editor (cancer free now!), of QA had the idea of offering a the bra image as a stencil to the public as a fund raiser for breast cancer research.  I collaborated with Stencil Girl, a fabulous art stencil company, to make the mass-produced stencil of the bra image. The stencil is available for puchase, all the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  I hope you will consider buying a stencil and find new ways to use it and support those in need in your world through art. Purchase Supported stencil here.

Supported Pink featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

Supported Pink featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

This project has shown me that casting artful seeds throughout your life can lead to an unexpected harvest.  Live and love artfully you never know where it might take you.  xxo Lisa

This issue of Quilting Arts Magazine is on newsstands today or you can pick up one up in actual or digital form hereIf you buy an issue via my link I get 10% of the purchase price!

This is the donated art piece that started this whole project going.

This is the donated art piece that started this whole project going.