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Waiting for a Vision – but while your waiting get busy!

276.QA Mag

I have a nice 5 page spread in the latest  Quilting Arts Magazine

I was talking to a dear friend this week who is on sabbatical for three months from her highly demanding work as an episcopal parish priest in a large parish on the east coast.  When I asked her what she was doing on her sabbatical she said jokingly but somewhat wistfully said “waiting for a vision”. She is ready for a change but not sure what or how or where. I know that feeling. We’ve all had it and always the question is what is the right next thing? I’ll tell you honestly I have never had a vision, I have never been totally clear of my next step, I have never been 100% confident that the path I’m on is the right one and yet I continue to wander on. I guess I’m comforted by the fact that every time a wander down an unknown path there is always another fork along the way. That this path I’ve chosen today has side paths and loops and other meanders.  That’s all to say I just keep walking, sometimes it feels like I’m totally in the dark but I keep walking – vision or no vision.

I know I’ve talked to you all before about my rejection therapy approach to career development but it’s worth repeating here. I set a goal to be rejected every day in big ways and small ways. Start with the small ways like in the grocery store parking lot instead of walking the cart to the rack ask the person who just drove up if they want it… that doesn’t seem like much because it isn’t the worst thing that happen if they say no thanks or look at me weird and I have to walk the cart to the rack. But that little rejection therapy session just got me ready to submit an article to magazine for publication I ask myself “what is the worst thing that can happen?” well the answer of course is nothing happens -literally nothing- they don’t publish my article and guess what if I don’t send in the article they can’t publish the thing I didn’t do…. you get the idea it’s a bit of a “just do it” mantra. No visions required – say yes to yourself even if you don’t know how it will work out. Wander down a path even if you can’t see around the next bend, there is something there – just keep moving!

Here are a few rejection therapy things that have I’ve got in the works: continued freelance writing for Quilting Arts and Cloth,Paper, Scissors Magazines. I have a wonderful 5 page spread in the latest issue of Quilting Arts and an another article coming out in the Fall. I’ll be teaching at Craft Napa again in 2019, I’m in conversation with the Quilting Company to develop an online series of courses for them. I’m opening a gallery with three other women in Sebastopol, teaching at quilt guilds and retreat centers on and on…. I just keep moving I’m looking forward to seeing what is around the next bend.



Getting the Word Out

Hey all, long time no blog… the pace of my life most definitely is speeding up the older I get! I’m just here to share a couple of things I’ve been working on. I have two technique articles out in a couple of national creative magazines. In Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine March/April issue I contributed an article about creating art on the iPad then printing on fabric and in Quilting Arts Magazine April/May issue I have an article about monoprinting on fabric and making an art quilt. I’m happy to be a contributor to these fine magazines it gives me the opportunity to share some of my mixed media trick and techniques with the wider world. You can get your hands on these magazines by following these links Quilting Arts Magazine & Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.

275 magazines

Here is one of the art quilts made from monoprint fabric that is featured in the Quilting Arts issue 92. I’m teaching a class on this technique “Gelli Print to Art Quilt in One Day” on Sunday March 25th  from 10am- 4pm at The Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg CA. There is still room for a few more creative explorers- to sign up email me at or go to to learn more.

275Horses-Gelli Print Quilt

If you can’t come to this class no worries I’d be happy to set up a custom workshop for you and your friends , your quilt guild, your women’s group – you can come to me or I can come to you – contact me to find out more –

Peace Be With You…. continued

Peace Be Upon Us All- mixed media quilt-

Peace Be Upon Us All- mixed media quilt-

In my last post I shared with you some of the pieces I did inspired by the phrase “peace be with you”. As the week went on that became something of a mantra. I kept cutting and stitching and reflecting the idea in different ways, until a series emerged. Some time while I was working the Sheryl Crow song, “Peace Be Upon Us” kept tunneling through my brain not so much an ear worm as is sometimes the case when songs won’t leave you alone, no this song wove itself into my Peace series lifting and lilting like a hawk on an up draft. I found myself humming at my sewing machine making my efforts into something of a meditation on peace as well as a creative endeavor. I want you to get a sense of my mental space so click this link to get this lovely addiction wandering in your brain too! PEACE BE UPON US ALL – Sheryl Crow listen to the whole song I think you might me humming this through your week – and if your going to have a song stuck in your head well, I think one about peace is a good way to go.

detail of quilt- The concentric circle stitch was inspired by watching the baby ducklings swim in the pond here at The Bishop's Ranch!

detail of quilt- The concentric circle stitch was inspired by watching the baby ducklings swim in the pond here at The Bishop’s Ranch!

I’ve got a few more pieces to show you from this series- I want to spread the peace around a little bit!

A Quick Show & Tell

Me wearing the dress I made from my Golden Gate fabric - with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, too cool!

Me wearing the dress I made from my Golden Gate fabric – with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, too cool!

When I shared this golden gate fabric with you in my 2/6/15 post I promised I would show you what I made so here’s me keeping my promise! I love my deliciously soft and comfortable cotton knit dress made from my GG bridge fabric I had printed at Wearing it on the hills of Marin Headlands overlooking the bridge itself just made me smile.

After my February post the editor of Quilting Arts contacted me about making something with this fabric for an upcoming magazine – I promise to share that article with you when the magazine comes out but I’ll let Quilting Arts do the big reveal on what I made for them!

Until next time be happy – put yourself in the path of something that makes you smile.

More Support

This is the stencil I designed that is available for purchase.

This is the stencil I designed that is available for purchase.

In my September post ( I shared with you about my article in Quilting Arts Magazine.  I just wanted to let you know that the stencil designed by me and produced by Stencil Girl is  for sale for only $7 (click here to purchase stencil).  All the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Get a hold of a stencil and make some supportive art of your own… you just might know someone who needs a little uplifting art.

Supported: an uplifting story

"Supported Green" featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

“Supported Green” featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

I am excited to share my latest article in Quilting Arts Magazine.  This is a great issue about artist giving back.  I submitted the art quilt of the bra and the words supported back in the spring.  Earlier in the year I had donated a wooden art piece using this image to a Cloth Paper Scissors auction designed to raise money for breast cancer research.  As it happens the editor of Quilting Arts magazine bought that piece.  She told me later that she had intended to give it to a friend with breast cancer but then soon after found out she herself had breast cancer.  She found this image to be a powerful reminder that she was not alone in her struggle.  I was gratified hear this story and humbled to know that I could help comfort through my art in some small way.  I love the bra image and decided to play around with it and the “supported” message in fabric.  This exploration lead to the magazine article I am sharing with you today.  The editor (cancer free now!), of QA had the idea of offering a the bra image as a stencil to the public as a fund raiser for breast cancer research.  I collaborated with Stencil Girl, a fabulous art stencil company, to make the mass-produced stencil of the bra image. The stencil is available for puchase, all the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  I hope you will consider buying a stencil and find new ways to use it and support those in need in your world through art. Purchase Supported stencil here.

Supported Pink featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

Supported Pink featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts

This project has shown me that casting artful seeds throughout your life can lead to an unexpected harvest.  Live and love artfully you never know where it might take you.  xxo Lisa

This issue of Quilting Arts Magazine is on newsstands today or you can pick up one up in actual or digital form hereIf you buy an issue via my link I get 10% of the purchase price!

This is the donated art piece that started this whole project going.

This is the donated art piece that started this whole project going.

From iPad to Quilt

Cluck, Cluck, Cocka-doddle-doo• 24″x 35″

Well I’m proud to share more details about my Quilting Arts Magazine article.  This month’s issue (Oct/Nov) has an article I wrote about turning iPad drawings into art quilts.  I made several quilts especially for the magazine; the one above is “Cluck, Cluck, Cock-a-doddle do.” It is made up of five images drawn on my iPad and printed on my home printer.  The one below is a redo of a quilt I did back in February.  This time I uploaded the images to and they printed the fabric, with bright, vibrant results.  For you Quilting Arts mag subscribers you already have your copy but if your not a subscriber the Magazine should be out in bookstores now or you can order online at Quilting Daily.  Here is a link to an online interview with Quilting Arts Editor Vivika DeNegre about changes to the iPad app I used to the article.  Ok two more links for your viewing pleasure.  Here is a link to some online extras that aren’t in the magazine and a video of an iPad drawing in process.  I know this post was mostly a big brag about my article but I’m so excited about how great it looks I want you to see it too.  I’m thinking about my next article submission that involves appliqué and stenciling I’ve got images of chairs, cow, and cups in mind (not all together) so I’ll keep you posted on that, I’ve just got to get some studio time to make it happen!  Oh for more hours in the day!

Backyard Birds • 24″ x 29″

PS.  If you sign up to be a member of Spoonflower you can order the bird fabric and others at my “Shop” under lisapalooza.  Also I’ll have these art quilts up for sale on my website soon!