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Wrung Out and Hung Out to Dry


“The Place Between Heaven & Earth” – mixed media painting from the Breathe series

I’ve been a bit wrung out these days, my to-do list just won’t get shorter, my sleep is off, the short days and early dark – you know what I mean – I’m out of whack, I’m in disequilibrium. So where the mind goes so goes the body and a few weeks ago I bent to zip my zipper or tie my shoe or something else innocuous – there was a loud pop in my neck and my range of motion stopped at about twenty-five degrees each way. Ok fine universe, I’ll do some stretching, etc and keep on going. Well let me tell you the universe did not abide, so last week after a regular teeth cleaning (nothing unusual) my jaw slipped out of gear just like the clutch going out in your car but this came with gnawing pain with every chew and my bite out of alignment….. OK, OK universe I get it – STOP – I added “take care of self” to my to-do list. There was a masseuse right here at the Ranch for the week – nothing was stopping me. So today (just hours ago in fact) I got an amazing massage!

I scheduled a 90-minute massage instead of just 60 minutes (a splurge I have never allowed myself), I told my masseuse of my woes and she got to work, she dug and pressed and smoothed every inch of me with her hot angel hands. While I was on the table an image of a strong, fierce, determined angel wringing out laundry along the Ganges came to mind. The masseuse was the angel, of course, and I the laundry, the pouring rain outside played the part of the mighty holy Ganges River. After almost 2 hours she left me – set out to dry in the tree branches along the riverbank. Neck is moving to 35 degrees each way now (not perfect – but better), jaw thinking about getting back to work (maybe a few more days). Thank you universe for reminding me to take care of myself – but next time can you just send me a text?

So here is your reminder before it’s too late- make time for yourself in the midst of your all your busy!

PS – Thanks Angel Anya for your strong hands and open heart!


The Art of the List

Part of what we are taking camping and somehow must fit in the car, thank God for roof racks!

Well I have to admit I am in overwhelm mode this week.  I started a new part time job teaching art to kindergarten, 1stand second graders about 4 weeks ago and the learning curve has been steep, it’s not about the art it’s about the organizing.  What works with each class dynamic, developmental issues, time issues… so each week I’ve gotten a little closer to something that works. Just about the time I have the names of these 150 kids down, the next rotation will start and I’ll be back at the beginning.  The challenge is how to weave this new endeavor into my other endeavors and stay sane.  I’m not there yet.  My slightly obsessive personality has me writing and rewriting list and notes (my iPad was supposed to help me with this but sometimes I just want a piece of paper!) Today we are off for a relaxing weekend of camping along the coast up in Gualala, but right now I am in the throes of organizing, I’d forgotten how exhausting getting ready to relax can be.  So I leave you with this image of all the stuff that somehow needs to get in the car plus dog and people.  Wish me luck… next week I promise to share art of a different nature.

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