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Guardian Angels

Gaia SMfile

Gaia- Mother of Life, Protectress of the Planet

When time are tough the tough get creative. A couple of weeks ago, if you could sift through all the other craziness, there was a Global Climate Action Summit held in San Francisco. This by all reports was a serious, inclusive, transformative, creative event. It was a powerful reminder that we can act even if our government isn’t. California Gov. Jerry Brown stood out as a leader in this realm as our federal government chooses to put its head in the sand. The summit was held despite our current governing body. The Summits success as a creative energizing force was an inspirational that when things aren’t going our way it’s not time to give up it’s time to get creative.

Lately I’ve been creating Guardian Angels and Spirit Guide “icons”. Some are serious others silly, some meditative others magical and some a mix of all. Yesterday I completed my Guardian of the Earth – Gaia. I was inspired by the Global Climate Action Summit to get in my studio and create this icon. A protective mother at once soft and strong. She holds the earth like a precious child, a fragile, delicate being. A reminder that we should all treat this planet, our island home, like a grandmother treats a crying baby.


Some of my “icons” are more playful like my Floppsie Patron Saint to Productivity and Multitasking. As the oldest child of four (Floppsie, Moppsie, Cottontail and of course Peter) she has always had to take on responsibility in the family. She knows how to get things done and never procrastinates!

This next “icon” was once again inspired by current events. I created Whiskers Guardian Angel to migrants, refugees and all without claws this summer. She is a cheeky reminder that everyone deserves protecting most importantly the weak and the weary.

Whiskers Gaurdian Angel,-small file- Protector of migrants, refugees and those without claws

This week’s events are still sifting down – the repercussions still settling in. I’m not sure what kind of guardian angel can speak to what’s happening right now but I’m pretty sure she’ll be strong and brave, she might have some fangs and claws at the ready and I’m pretty sure she’ll be wearing her pink pussy hat!

I’m teaching a two-day workshop on creating your own “Gaurdian Angels, Goddessess and Spirit Guides” at The Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg CA. The workshop is November 3-4, 2018. Go to The Bishop’s Ranch website to see a full description and sign up!


Prepped & Ready


Example of encaustic collage piece to inspire this weekends participants

I’m teaching a two-day Encaustic Collage workshop this weekend at The Bishop’s Ranch where I am the Resident Artist.  This class is one I’ve taught many times, so I have a good idea of how to organize the space and materials for success. One thing that I think makes everybody happy is to have things arranged and ready to get creative.  While the creative process itself can sometimes feel magical and loose, for me at least, the magic comes from having everything in order, so my mind is free to be inspired. I try hard to give that balance to my students too, I want everything to be at their fingertips with stimulating materials and careful demos to guide them to finding their genuine, creative voice in a new medium. Wish me and my 12 art adventurers luck!


Examples and demos all ready and materials laid out in orderly chaos!


Each student’s place is ready with materials and instructions to get started!

In the busy mix of the weekend I’ll try to take some action shots of my students at work to share at the end of the weekend. Hope you make some time for your creative self too!

Time is Racing

Somehow I can’t keep up with my life these days; well that’s not quite true, I’m keeping up but just barely.  Workshops are happening, my work at The Bishop’s Ranch is happening but I feel stuck in quick sand, I’m running but it feels more like slogging.  I keep thinking I’ll get caught up – today is the day – and then the next day is the same. I’ll keep trying – I promised to blog more but bare with me.  I want to keep you in the loop about what I’m up too so….

This weekend I taught this weekend at The Bishop’s Ranch my Winter Creative Workshop. It was all about making art papers and making personal, artful gifts and cards with the stenciled, stamped and sprayed papers, take a peek:


But wait there’s more! I’m having a Studio Sale December 1st-3rd, here is a preview and a link to details STUDIO SALE… PLEASE COME AND INVITE FRIENDS:


Still MORE! Commit to your creative self in 2017 come make art with ME! WORKSHOP INFO


So much to do, so much to share!

It’s been a busy summer with camps, vacations and visitors. And while summer isn’t over yet there is a sense of winding down from one mode to the next.  Summer for me has a bit of a different energy and though I have plenty to do, I take it all at a different pace.  Pausing to tend the garden and put up jams, read a book and roast tomatoes.  All great blessing but the whisper of Fall is tickling for my attention and it came to me that I need to get out the word on a vast array of creative workshops and reflective retreats that I’m offering in the next 6 months. First, and very soon, I have an art sale with long time friend and fellow artist Kieren Dutcher I am including the flyer for our sale in her back yard if you happen to live in the Oakland California area we would love to see you. Here is a link to Keiren’s blog.


Next I want to let you know about a diversity of creative workshops and introspective retreats that I hope will spark your interest and get some creative energy flowing. Following is a list – for more detailed descriptions follow this link to my website. Many of the classes are one-day events, but if you would like to participate and spend the night at The Bishop’s Ranch that can often be arranged, email me to find out more.

Fall-winter 2013-14 Workshops and Reflective Retreats

•9/8/13 Introduction to Landscape Painting 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m., $75 at The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg CA

•9/29/13 Encaustic Collage Playshop 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $75 at The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg CA

•10/4/13 iPad as Art 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., $145 Art and Soul Festival, Portland Oregon

•10/6/13 Stamp and Stencil Synergy – 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., $145 Art and Soul Festival, Portland Oregon

•10/20/13 Introduction to iPad drawing 1:00-4:30 p.m. $50 at The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg CA

•10/27-29/13 Moving into Winter – Embracing the dark: an introspective retreat of art, movement, chant and writing. $350 double occ, $400 single occ. The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg CA

•11/3/13 Encaustic Collage Playshop 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $75 at The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg CA

•1/10-12/14 Encaustic Collage Creative Exploration Weekend 2 day retreat lodging, meals and materials included.,$375 double occ., $425 single occ. The Bishop’s Ranch,  Healdsburg CA

•3/7-9/14 Moving into Spring – Welcoming the light: an introspective retreat of art, movement, chant and writing. $350 double occ., $400 single occ. The Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg CA