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Prepped & Ready


Example of encaustic collage piece to inspire this weekends participants

I’m teaching a two-day Encaustic Collage workshop this weekend at The Bishop’s Ranch where I am the Resident Artist.  This class is one I’ve taught many times, so I have a good idea of how to organize the space and materials for success. One thing that I think makes everybody happy is to have things arranged and ready to get creative.  While the creative process itself can sometimes feel magical and loose, for me at least, the magic comes from having everything in order, so my mind is free to be inspired. I try hard to give that balance to my students too, I want everything to be at their fingertips with stimulating materials and careful demos to guide them to finding their genuine, creative voice in a new medium. Wish me and my 12 art adventurers luck!


Examples and demos all ready and materials laid out in orderly chaos!


Each student’s place is ready with materials and instructions to get started!

In the busy mix of the weekend I’ll try to take some action shots of my students at work to share at the end of the weekend. Hope you make some time for your creative self too!


Pleasant Solitude

Queen Martha

Queen Martha

Hello all, today I want to share a digital collage I did last night. I often write about my inner struggles or machinations navigating life, parenthood, teaching you know the list. But today I want to share a simple pleasure. Last night I was left alone to my devices (and I do mean devices literally) I didn’t want to plop down on the couch and watch TV, nothing to watch anyway, so I cozied myself up for the evening with blanket and tea and NPR and began to play with my device (my iPad!  I’m not sure what you were thinking but wipe that image out of your mind please). I have enjoyed drawing and painting on my iPad, but in the real world of my studio, I like to collage and cut and glue, and I’ve wanted to get that same feeling in my digital world. To that end, I have been banking photos of fabric and patterns in my photo library. This is fun to do because when I’m out and about I can take a close up of some fabric or texture file it away then use it later, who knows when, and like the stack of papers and fabric in my studio, my iPad photo album is full of  beauteous flotsam and jetsam. So last night, in my pleasant solitude, I got down to playing a bit more, here is my musing. I’m so glad I seized the sudden gift of seclusion to create.

I have to say this is the beauty of iPad creating, no mess, no clean-up, just creating….thanks to Martha, recovering beautifully from knee replacement surgery, for being my muse in the perfect pose.