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I just realized I jumped the gun on my Stencil Girl link. My post doesn’t go live until June 15th…. So check them out NOW but remember to go back on the 15th to see my Stencilgirl Talk. My Etsy Shop is ready to go so click on through to see all the new work…. Oh yeah and don’t forget to breathe…


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Confessions of a Wandering Mind


I have a confession to make- I am a terrible meditator (apparently meditator isn’t a word but as far as I’m concerned it is now)- ok I’ve said it.  I am awful at clearing my mind, horrid at relaxing my mental gymnastics, spotty at resourcing my seven chakras.  In short I can’t stop thinking.  In a ten minute meditation I might have a brief period where my breath and my heart beat is all that my mind in fixing on but soon a little voice will say- “hey guess what you did it your cleared your mind”- and suddenly it’s all muddy again, sometimes it’s so bad that when the 3 bells chime to mark the end all I’ve managed to do is clarify my shopping list for the day.  Ah me what’s a mediocre meditator to do?  Keep trying I suppose.  There are oodles of studies about the benefits of meditation from stress relief to pain release and just plain old happiness.

This week during a meditation at the beginning of yoga class Marie (the fabulous teacher) led us, as she always does, in a beginning meditation.  Grounding, relaxing, breath… somewhere in there she spoke of our place smack dap in the middle of earth and heaven.  My mind took off with this image (I know I was supposed to be clearing not creating) I love the notion of the human condition grounded on this solid earth but stretching, striving, searching for heaven.  Our breath is a constant reminder of both; our animal, earthly need to pump oxygen to body and brain, and this ethereal thing of air filling our lungs feeding our mind and soul driving our seeking and our searching.  So while I can’t say I cleared my mind in meditation I can say it lead me to these 4 monoprints.  In my meditative vision I saw a standing figure with hands in prayer position at the heart with light and color placing the figure in silhouette. Suddenly I snapped from vision to thinking, thinking about how to translate the vision to the page and of course once I began thinking- the lovely figure full of simplicity and breath was gone.  I spent some of the week recapturing her in these four monoprints; an ode to the process of thinking about not thinking.

These 4 monoprints and others along with jewelry, cards and other small art pieces will be for sale this weekend and next at the following sales:

•Sunday December 2nd,12-4pm  in San Francisco at 379 Eureka Street (4th house from the corner of 21st & Eureka

•Saturday December 8th, 10am-4pm in Healdsburg 314 Center Street (up the stairs between Mr. Moons & Snow Bunny).


Hope to see some of you there.