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No Plans…a Hard Thing for a PRE-crastinator

265.gelli print collage

This collage in my Art Journal is the result of a morning of monoprint madness

I’m a pre-crastinator – that’s not a typo – I am the opposite of a pro-crastinator. This has its pluses and minuses. When you are a pre-crastinator like me you are always prepared and you always have a plan, and lots of times that is a great way to be. It can cause anxiety when a plan isn’t forming with others in my life or when I don’t have all the pieces together to get everything done. In terms teaching it is great because I always have the materials all set, my lesson plans printed, demos made hand outs ready etc all well before the class. But sometimes in art making, pre-crastination can block inspiration in the moment. So because of my proclivity for control I have forced myself to loosen up by working in mediums that have a life of their own. One that I have been re-exploring is mono-printing.

Mono-printing is where you ink up a plate (traditionally it was metal but I use a soft rubbery plate called a Gelli plate) then you create texture and interest with a variety of techniques. I have been using a tiny 4×6 inch gelli plate and creating a bunch of small prints in a color or textural theme. The size and the ease of the printing helps me break out of the plan and lets my inner pre-crastinator take a break. It’s easy to experiment and make 20 wee prints in a couple of hours. I have been printing on rice paper, tissue paper and book pages to great effect and when I’m done I have a stash pile of papers to play with – NO PLANNING REQUIRED!

Above is an example of play date I had with my gelli plate not too long ago. I took those pieces and cut them up to create this collage in my art journal. Pretty cool –right?

I guess the lesson is that it’s good to push up against your nature – your inner urges a little bit and make them uncomfortable, sometimes, something wonderful will come of it.

265b.gelli print collage

this collage uses more mono-prints printed on old letters, phone book and journal pages

PS. I’m teaching a Gelli print to Collage class and an Encaustic Collage class at Pokey Bolton’s Craft Napa event in January 2018 here is a link to info and registration. Sometime in July I’ll  post my fall 2017-2018 teaching line up for The Bishop’s Ranch – I hope I can meet you at one of those classes where you’ll meet my pre-crastinator self and maybe my inspirational pro-crastinator will come along for the ride too.


Selfie but not Selfish

I thought I’d share a little art teachery stuff. I had the opportunity last year to do some freelance art lesson plans for the art materials company Grafix. I thought you’d like to see the lesson plan I did for teens on the selfie as art form. I want to thank my lovely teen niece who sent me a selfie to use in my sample lesson (because frankly no teen would be as inspired by my 5o-something selfie!) follow the link if you want to down load the lesson plans for free Grafix Selfie as Art Form Lesson Plan(that’s the not selfish part).

236. Grafix Selfie


Never fear we over 50’s can do the selfie thang too! This selfie of me, using the same Grafix products, will be in the next issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.



Oh and this selfie series will be in the next issue of Quilting Arts Magazine (also using Grafix printable transparencies).

236c.loresLisa ThorpeSELFIE4qa


October: I Ran a Creative Teaching Marathon!

This month has sailed by I can’t believe it’s October 31st! I want to share with you some of my art teaching highlights, and since a picture is worth a thousand words….. here you go:

198K 198j.leaves

10/11/14 Here is the sweetest group of nine and ten year olds you would ever want to meet.  We went for a walk and gathered leaves they laid those under a piece of glass from dollar store frames – then outlined the leaves with paint marker. Then flip and paint the other side with acrylic paint. Let dry pop back in frame … they loved the results.

198i.encaustic 198h.encaustic








10/12/14 Encaustic collage Playshop. An all day exploration of collage encased in encaustic medium, look at those smiles! There where eight happy creative campers that day and everyone left with an armful of art!

198l 198m



















10/20/14 St. Paul’s Healdsburg Women’s Group mad Our Lady of Guadalupe altars using art papers, and traditional and non traditional Mary images.










10/21/14 Kindergarteners at Healdsburg Elementary School cut a kindergarten version of “Papel Picado” for a Dia de Los Muertos art (skull drawings were added later).  They were so excited it was like opening a birthday present as they unfolded each one they cut.  They turned out remarkably well for ones with beginning fine motor skills!

198d 198cLuminaria










10/24/14 Teaching at the CREATE Conference in Seattle.  I had a wonderful class for my 6 hour Luminaria workshop.  Plenty of time to explore and try out all kinds of ways to decorate the Grafix Dura-lar substrate.


198b. brushes demo










196a.ArtRage app demo

10/25 More CREATE Seattle teaching. A Marathon day of nine hours of iPad art.  One 6 hour class teaching the Brushes app… the one with the feathers is my demo piece for the day. Then a 3 hour evening class teaching the Art Rage app- the apple is my demo piece.






It’s been fun but I need a little break.  Right now I just have my 3 days a week at the Elementary school on the Calendar but more to come in December…. I’ll keep you posted!