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Time is Racing

Somehow I can’t keep up with my life these days; well that’s not quite true, I’m keeping up but just barely.  Workshops are happening, my work at The Bishop’s Ranch is happening but I feel stuck in quick sand, I’m running but it feels more like slogging.  I keep thinking I’ll get caught up – today is the day – and then the next day is the same. I’ll keep trying – I promised to blog more but bare with me.  I want to keep you in the loop about what I’m up too so….

This weekend I taught this weekend at The Bishop’s Ranch my Winter Creative Workshop. It was all about making art papers and making personal, artful gifts and cards with the stenciled, stamped and sprayed papers, take a peek:


But wait there’s more! I’m having a Studio Sale December 1st-3rd, here is a preview and a link to details STUDIO SALE… PLEASE COME AND INVITE FRIENDS:


Still MORE! Commit to your creative self in 2017 come make art with ME! WORKSHOP INFO



What Price ART? My eternal struggle with what is the value of my art….

Art Quilt from the Peace Series (for sale now at my Etsy shop)

Art Quilt from the Peace Series (for sale now at my Etsy shop)

I have always had trouble assigning a price to my art. I believe strongly that art should be a part of everyone’s life that why long ago I framed the following “the why cheap art manifesto” that my sister gave me decades ago:

213.what price art

I’m sharing this because I have always struggled with what price to charge for my art. On the one hand I want the art to be accessible to lots of people and on the other hand I want to feel like my time and skill are being duly valued. Some people have said I don’t charge enough for my art but I want people to have it- If I make it and it just sits in a box under my bed then what’s the point!? So I have come up with a formula that feels ok to me. I loosely keep track of my time per piece then price the art the same way I would price a free lance graphic design or art teaching seminar, by the hour this seems fair to me, it values my time and it the price reasonable (I hope). So now I would like to introduce my Etsy Shop where I have my art quilts from the most recent “Peace” series to others I think you will recognize from the blog. I hope you will check it out! Thanks for your support and pass this link on to others you think might like my work.

Detail for

Detail for “Peace Be With You” art quilt

An Empty Chair as Invitation

I offer you another empty chair this week.  Like last weeks images of chairs this one is done with stencils I made.  But unlike last weeks mono-prints this is done on wood panel with layers of acrylic sanded, layered and sanded again.  I like the old fashion graphic advertisement feel that this technique gives. So I offer this empty chair as invitation to sit and BE but also to let you know about 3 upcoming sales.  Today I am off to the airport flying up to Bellingham Washington.  My long time college friend, Julia, is hosting an art and jewelry sale for me tomorrow.  So if you are in the Bellingham area please come by.  The details are below.  Got to go I have 3 wheelie bags of merchandise to load up, wish me luck!

Winter Sales:

•November 10th 1-5pm, Bellingham, WA, 3410 Illinois Lane (between Vining and Crestline) Call (707) 431-8489 or (360)676-0791 for more details

•December 2nd 12-4pm, San Francisco CA, 379 Eureka Street (4th house from the corner of Eureka & 21st) Call (707) 431-8489 for more details

•December 8th 10am-4pm, Healdsburg CA, 314 Center Street, Suite 216 Call (707) 431-8489 for more details