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Backyard Mandala

butterfly mandala

I’m on a bit of a new journey professionally. In the last year or so I have become more connected with the quilt guild world. They are an organized bunch and set aside time and money for speakers and teachers.  Now I’m doing a bit of travel in Northern California mostly, to share my talents and hopefully inspire others to try new things in fabric and surface design.  I have two lecture/trunk shows that I do; one is a surface design for fabric artists overview and the other is a deeper dive into designing your own fabric using photos taken with a smart phone. I’ll be sharing these techniques in Fort Bragg with the Ocean Wave Quilters and I felt like I needed another example for them to touch and see. To that end I started wandering around The grounds of The Bishop’s Ranch looking for inspiration (if you have been here you know that’s not hard to find). The lushness of the saucer-sized nasturtium leaves grabbed my attention first and and snapped a few close up photos. Then the bright and happy calendula flower beckoned next. The green and yellow orange spoke to me of bursting new life and an idea began to form. How about a mandala of spring life? The butterfly that had been fluttering around the edges confirmed my suspicion that I was on the right track and asked to be included in my design. I took my photos home played with them a bit in a few of my favorite photo manipulation apps then printed my designs right on my home printer within minutes I had my own fabric to begin designing my backyard mandala. Thankfully my son has a math brain and with a bit of calculating he easily helped me figure out the angle I needed to create an octagon. A lot of machine stitching later and some sore fingers from embroidery stitching through lots of layers I finished my ode to spring.

Take a moment today to acknowledge the wonder of nature around you, Find some way to let it influence your day and allow creation to sing it’s sweet song in your ear.

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Seizing a Golden Moment!

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday I snapped this golden pics!

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday I snapped this golden pics!

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky to be in the passenger seat crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, the sky was blue the bridge was orange and my phone was in my hand. I turned the camera on as we pulled out of the tunnel on the north end and started snapping. I wasn’t sure why – but once again I was trying to put myself in the way of beauty, in this case, to acknowledge the moment and capture it too! Today I opened the photos up and played with them in several photo manipulation apps (If you’re interested I ran the photos through Photoshop for iPad, Photo Toaster and Snap Seed). I love the power to capture and then manipulate a moment all right there in the palm of my hand! I already uploaded this montage to Spoonflower fabric printing service and my fabric will be in my hands in a few weeks…..I promise to post after I sew a fabulous dress or bag or whatever this fabric becomes!