An Artist's Quest

Surviving Abundance – a reoccurring theme

Every year at this time I say I’m not going to get crazy with all the holiday this and that, and every year I really try to keep it under control. But the gatherings and the baking and the making and organizing is just part of the season, part of the harvest time of a rich relationship filled life and really I wouldn’t want it any other way. This year as in past years, I gravitate to the pomegranate as a symbol of the season. My pomegranate tree is hanging heavy with this wonderful fruit. It is like locked treasure chest with a thick leather case. Opening it is always fraught with the possibility of juice and jewels everywhere, but once it is open the reward is evident. The color, the shine, the multifaceted jewels filled with sweet, sweet juice there is nothing else quite so wondrous to me. So here’s to the season of abundance and wonder and a bit of hard work too, enjoy its sweet, sweet pleasures.


Here is a page from my art journal. I am excited to say I’ll be teaching a class in Mixed Media Art Journaling at the Mendocino Art Center the 1st weekend in August. I would like to teach more workshops like this if any of you have a suggestion of a retreat or art center that would be a good fit for my offerings please let me know and even better if you have a personal contact for me, I would really appreciate it!


2 responses

  1. Anne R. Blanton

    So wonderful to connect for a moment. Ahh our children, so much to grow with, and very challenging at times. This season I truly am trying to keep it simple. I am hand stitching the gifts for the kids and Jim and I always give each other very small presents. We will decorate the tree when Andrea and her boyfriend come home Sat. Love to you dear Lisa and to Jack and to Ivan, Anne (your workshop sounds fun.) ((I just got an e-mail from Ian saying the mock up would be done tomorrow!))

    December 16, 2015 at 4:28 pm

  2. Anne R. Blanton

    p.s. I am very fond of the pomegranate as well. We visited Andrea in Granada her junior yr. and Granada means pomegranate in Spanish!

    December 16, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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