An Artist's Quest

November is racing along, when does time slow down?

November View

November View

It’s past mid November and yikes the holidays are almost here! I had a busy teaching filled October and had some idea that the days would go by a little slower in November but that doesn’t seem to be the case because here I am wondering where the days have gone. When I imagined my empty nester life – as my son went off to college – I thought that because there was one less character on the stage in this little play I call life that time would bend a bit, slow down, be less hectic….but it’s not. Umph! Time is ticking and the days are passing and one thing on my todo list that I haven’t gotten to is to tell you dear readers about the art calendar I have made for 2015. There is a strong dose of irony here I must say – I am selling time in the form of a calendar but can’t seem to keep track of where the days have gone. I know you’ll love these beautiful images of the Russian River Valley from my wonderful perch here at The Bishop’s Ranch as much as I do. The practice of creating a calendar is a good one, it makes me mark the month in color and light, leaf and bird, forces me to sit and observe what the essence of each month in this place. Here I’m giving you a sample of images November, above, and February, June and September below. Hope it helps you mark time.

Won’t you join me in holding dear the days? Here is a link to order a calendar for you and a friend – they make great holiday gifts too!

February the mustard blooms

February the mustard blooms

June days bursting with color

June days bursting with color

September golden grasses fill the pastures

September golden grasses fill the pastures


One response

  1. Julia

    I ask myself the same question,where does the time go? I’m trying hard to live in the moment even though the demands of the future are calling my name. Grrr… I LOVE your new calendar and am excited to share it with several friends and family members. Thank you for sharing your gifts and making them available to all of us. Love you .

    November 19, 2014 at 6:18 pm

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