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Drink and Draw


1st Drink and Draw night at Brava's in Healdsburg

1st Drink and Draw night at Brava’s in Healdsburg

Last week the inaugural Drink & Draw get-together happened here in Healdsburg. It was a small gathering of three intrepid sketchers during the happy hour at Brava’s a local eatery and bar with a lovely patio. We all happened to be drawing on our iPads but we would have welcomed any and all mediums. It’s interesting to draw in public, you have to be open to the observer and the curious so the inner critic must be stilled, one must quiet the disapproving quiet commentary and share. It was funny that we were indeed able to drink and draw but we were all so intent on our work that we didn’t do much talking and drawing. Maybe next time we can loosen up a little more to drink, draw and talk. I figure any day my energies are lean towards creating and away from judging is a good day. So figure out how to spend more time making and why not try it with a beer and a friend or two!

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