An Artist's Quest

Spring is Tugging and My Heart Wants to Follow


Flowering plum on blustery March day at the Ranch

Flowering plum on blustery March day at the Ranch

Well, spring in Sonoma County comes early and while we are in a terrible drought here at the moment it is raining and blustery which is as it should be. The clouds and sun are in a battle and the wind seems to aid each team equally. Here in my little home the emotions of the moment mirror the struggle of the sun and rain. My only child is a senior in high school and is in the middle place at the moment – hearing from colleges, finding out if he is in or if he is out and my husband is logging in the cost and financial aid into an elaborate spread sheet to figure out if we can pay or not. The coming month is one of deep discernment, of broad projections, of gut feelings. So my household reflects the season – so full of possibility, so fresh with expectation, yet bundled against the wind and rain of uncertainty. This too shall pass, and while at the moment spring is straddling with one foot in winter and one foot in summer, she will decide as she always does to side step firmly into the warm solid days of spring with her toes dipping into summer. And here in my house choices will be made, decisions embraced, and a direction discerned. But right now in the middle place, in the blustery spring where nothing is certain it takes all my will to contain my balance to stay as grounded as the flowering trees, rooted in the earth with blooms bursting and dancing on the breeze, the trees seem to revel in this in between place they are in no hurry to shake off their pink party dresses for the green gown of summer, I will try to do the same.


3 responses

  1. Jane

    So much of life seems to keep us in that rainy blustery windy place. Unlike the trees, its seems we too often forget to put on our pink, frilly, and maybe even a little flirty, party dresses. I resolve that this week in your honor Lisa, I will put my party dress on, turn up the music and dance: I’ll show the wind and the rain that I can be as unpredictable as they!

    March 28, 2014 at 2:46 pm

  2. Mary Anne

    Winter finally ended here with frigid temperatures. Normally, winters here in the southeast are moderate and end with early spring. But, not this year!

    I just realized you live in Sonoma County. My brother and his wife have lived in Sonoma for years. Small world indeed

    The flowering plum on a windy March day is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

    Good thoughts and blessings….

    March 29, 2014 at 6:34 am

  3. Your art work and writing is so beautiful..really enjoy your blog!

    May 30, 2014 at 8:42 am

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