An Artist's Quest

Flying High

View of Lake Sonoma from the plane looking West

View of Lake Sonoma from the plane looking West

Last week I took off for Portland to teach at the Art & Soul creative retreat.  Before going I was pretty stressed out, getting all the materials ready for the two all day workshops I was teaching, putting substitute plans together for the art classes I was missing here at the elementary school, and just the pre-travel laundry, packing, and general tying up of loose ends.  But one thing I’ve found is that once I’m at the airport it all just washes away.  The bags are packed and if I forgot something well I’ll deal.  I have my boarding pass the plane is on time on the tarmac.  It is all out of me hands. A deep calm comes over me.  I flew out of our local little airport in Santa Rosa. It is very low-key.  There is only one flight on a small plane going at any one time so the feeling of cattle being taken to market is just not there.  The planes are small only four seats wide and the flight to Portland is short, an hour and a half.  I always get a window seat, I love to see the ground below, the human activity getting smaller and smaller, flying over squares of houses and industry then fields and farms and finally unblemished wild lands too rugged to bend to human will.  Then of course the thrill of pushing through the swirling white moist mists and arriving on top of the clouds, visions of heavens pearly gates, and lounging cherubs are easy to image from this vantage point.  This time I broke the rules (don’t tell Horizon Air) but I didn’t turn off my device, I turned my I pad out the window and snapped pictures until the clouds took over.  Then I used the rest of the trip to draw this first image on my iPad of Lake Sonoma and the rough robust rising hills that rise up to meet the western horizon.  I finished it just as we landed.  What a satisfying start to my Portland endeavor.  After a lovely visit with my dear Portlandia friends, and feeling satisfied and weary from my two workshops at Art & Soul.  I hit the airport again.  The window seat awaited.  This time I took photos of the Willamette river as it runs through the center of the city with Portland’s signature bridges and the clover leaf of freeways that funnel down to a bridge size crossing from east to west and back again.  In the bottom left hand corner is the shadow of the plane and I’m just below the east wing, rising up, up, up flowing south smiling at my good fortune to glimpse the earth for a moment like a bird or a celestial being – unbound.

View of Portland Oregon from the plane looking East

View of Portland Oregon from the plane looking East

I think these pieces would make wonderful large fabric art, with dense stitching and some hand sewing too, I’d love to get up in a plane to take some more photos soon…. this feels like a series coming on!


2 responses

  1. Anne R. Blanton

    You are amazing Lisa! Doing so many wonderful things. I really look forward to collaborating with you, whenever that might be! love, anne

    October 11, 2013 at 3:03 pm

  2. Kimberly

    Art is Life. These are beautiful!

    October 12, 2013 at 9:45 am

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