An Artist's Quest

DIY week!

These are the floors we put in ourselves.

This is the flooring we put in ourselves.

This week was mostly dedicated to redoing the floors in our little house at the Bishop’s Ranch.  When we moved in 17 years ago we had pulled up the carpet and put down plywood and varnished it.  It worked well for many years but in the last few years it was starting to shred and splinter.  So this summer I was determined to make a change.  But budgets are tight at the Ranch (as with all nonprofits) so we knew we would want to do it ourselves to keep the cost down and see if we could find a deal.  We found some discounted laminate at Costco, of all places, bought it Sunday and had the floors in by Wednesday!  My husband did most of the floor laying while I did the prep of clearing, cleaning and discarding and I was in charge of baseboards.  I can’t believe how wonderful the new flooring makes the house feel, and the mega sorting of things from every chest, trunk, bookshelf, and cabinet was worth every sore muscle and dust induced sneeze.  I felt the rough edges of my psyche smoothed and soothed with every dust bunny in the dustbin and cobwebbed clutter cleared.

Fun, easy upcycling of t-shirts bought at Goodwill

Fun, easy upcycling of t-shirts bought at Goodwill

With this home improvement project completed two days sooner than I had hoped for I got to play with a creative wardrobe improvement I’d been wanting to try.  Many of you, I’m sure, know about Pinterest but for those of you that don’t I’ll describe it.  Pinterest is an online idea and image scrapbook.  If you see a good idea on the internet you “pin it” to a “bulletin board”.  For example I have a board called artsy/craftsy where I pin project ideas, I have a board called fabric where I pin quilting ideas… the nice thing about Pinterest is that it can be completely private.  You can pin things just for your own interest or you can have it be public.  I like it because I can put good ideas in a virtual file to look at later and try out.  That is a long-winded way of telling you that I finally had a chance to play with one of these artsy/craftsy ideas I pinned along the way.  Pictured above are t-shirts that I bought at the Goodwill.  I layered them then marked a design with chalk on the top T and then stitched it with red topstitch thread.  Then I just cut away the top t-shirt to reveal the bottom one! Voila, fabulous summer wear for under $6 dollars!

With all this lifestyle improvement I think it might be time for a break… enough of the vacuum cleaners, the table saw and the sewing machine the next sound I hope to hear is my husband mixing one of his fabulous cool summer drinks in the cocktail shaker!

a little refreshing DYI from my mixologist husband

AH little refreshing DIY from my mixologist husband

Here is a link to the website where I got the tshirt tutorial from -HopeStudios Blog

3 responses

  1. Laura Thorpe

    Wow! Your floors/living room look great! We are engaged in similar summer space recreations in nyc as well. Although there is something to the notion of spring cleaning vs. summer cleaning. No doubt these transformations are accompanied by serious stickiness! Sweat equity and all …. Love the art tshirt as well!

    July 8, 2013 at 3:21 am

  2. molmsteado

    The floors look unbelievably beautiful and the t-shirts are gorgeous…just like the model..Martha

    July 8, 2013 at 10:31 am

  3. Sandy Barra

    The floor looks amazing! You guys are amazing! Hope to see you soon. Did you get my response about possible Cazadero visit this summer? Just checking, if it works out that would be great! Luv to you three!

    July 16, 2013 at 12:45 pm

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