An Artist's Quest

A Year in Place

I started a personal challenge a little over a year ago, to represent this picturesque place I live, The Bishop’s Ranch retreat and conference center.  The Ranch sits above Westside Road, south of Healdsburg, with an amazing view of the Russian River Valley.  I have been soaking in this landscape for sixteen years, while living and working perched along the first roll of hills above the river flood plane.  My desire was to embody each month in all it’s glory, capturing the quintessential colors and themes of each. I have been giving you regular blog readers a monthly update of my progress wending my way through the months and seasons. I wanted to represent the flow and sweep of one year in this striking place.  Now I have had a calendar printed up so I can share the art with more people.  Following is a link to my website with a way to purchase calendars on line.  Part of the profits from the sales go to The Bishop’s Ranch as a way of showing my gratitude for the life I have been privileged to lead full of beauty, kinship, and community.

Follow the link, I want to share a bit of this beautiful bounty with you.  CALENDAR

PS: If you are a local you can pick up a calendar at The Bishop’s Ranch in the office and save on shipping or if you live in Healdsburg proper I am happy to deliver myself.

Here is how the calendar looks unfurled. It is 9.5″x19″ when open and includes the phases of the moon

2 responses

  1. Julia Ritchie

    Horray! I know what I’m giving for Christmas gifts this year.
    Love you.

    October 2, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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