An Artist's Quest

Surviving Abundance

Here we are once again on the verge, the threshold, the brink.  Of what you ask.  We are standing on the teeter-totter of abundance and overwhelm, overcome by bounty.  Here in Sonoma wine country as the grapes commence to ripen and the harvest begins in earnest the whole county is immersed in the “crush”.  I love this term because the term refers to the crushing of the grapes in their first steps on the journey to becoming wine, but “crush” also conveys the alarming weight, and urgency involved in the task.  Now I am not involved with the crush of grapes into wine but here in my little piece of heaven I am in a crush of tomatoes, basil and peppers.  All these things are delicious fresh but there is only so much that can be eaten at any one time.  And so here I am frantically making pesto, and marinara sauce and this year for the first time I’m making catsup and pepper jelly.  These are yummy exciting endeavors but there is a burden in the bounty… a responsibility to not waste, there is a duty to respect the gift of abundance.  And so I must end this post and get back to the kitchen to peel, and stir and can and freeze and share as much of this generous, burdensome treasure that stands ready to be used or be lost, the clock is ticking I must answer the call.

Enjoy this August painting.  It will be up on my website as soon as my busy webmaster husband can get to it.  This is the last painting in my 12 month calendar series.  looking into having a calendar printed for sale I will keep you posted.

2 responses

  1. Jane

    Like you Lisa August for me is usually a month for celebrating natures bounty with jam and chutney making. This August I am giving thanks for a different abundance – an abundance of family and friends. In addition to a weekend of wedding celebrations we have had a week of guests. For a week our number at the dining table was always in double digits, reaching a peek of 22 on Monday. Every available space was filled with airbeds and suitcases with a dozen family members here from England and half a dozen more visiting from southern California. A blessed abundance in deed.
    So while my store cupboard will be a little emptier this fall my heart will be full with memories as sweet as any jam I could ever make. Next month my house will feel very empty, but I give thanks that an abundance of preserved memories will keep me going until the next harvest.

    September 2, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    • Preserved Memories, I love your metaphor. I find that photo albums are a wonder way to put up memories like jam in a jar, it gives you if not the full fruit of the day at least a taste of the sweetness of that past moment.

      September 4, 2012 at 10:44 am

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