An Artist's Quest

July: Shade Seeking Season

Greeting blog followers, I’m happy to say I’ve caught up with myself and got my July painting done in July!  I started the idea for this painting during one of the hot spells in July.  The humans and animals alike, here at the Ranch, were seeking ways to stay cool.  The Ranch cat Roxy (who is really an orange tabby but I just couldn’t get the color right) stayed much of the afternoon in the deep shade of the catalpa tree too hot to bother with the goldfinches dashing to the fountain bubbling in the Ranch House courtyard nearby.  This empty chair was waiting for the productive humans too crazy to realize that the siesta culture of much of the world is so much more civilized than our American industry. But who am I to talk? I made this observation, took and few pictures, then dashed off to my studio to paint… oh well I hope a siesta is in your future and mine…soon!

One response

  1. Mary Anne

    Love this painting! My grandmother kept chairs like this one gathered together beneath the shade of the huge oak tree in the yard on her farm… and the farm cats gathered around for a snooze too!

    July 28, 2012 at 8:40 am

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