An Artist's Quest

A Life Measured in Heartbeats

Well here it is May and I’m posting my April Painting, a wee bit behind the curve, but that’s how life goes sometimes. This April sprinted across my course like a startled lizard on the garden path, a flitting bluebird from field to fence.  All month long April revealed her charms, spring has truly sprung now.  I was drawn this month to the neighboring cows.  At this time of year the young female cows are let to graze in the pasture bordering The Bishop’s Ranch north and east sides.  They are a happy lot gamboling and leaping, grazing and sleeping.  They are in a charmed place in their lives, old enough to be let out on their own (lack pack of teens at the boardwalk in summer) but not old enough to have carry the burden of their destiny, milk, milk and more milk.  So it seemed to me that these happy cows should be featured this month, along with the iconic poppies and bluebirds that grace our habitat zone here on a little hillside that could accurately be called paradise.

So why in this rosy blush of spring am I thinking about life span, beginnings and endings?   Well it all started as I began to look at the pace of things, how days and weeks can seem to fly by sometimes, sadly, without notice.  It got me thinking about a science radio show I’d heard about lifespan measured in heartbeats.  The average land animal has about 1 billion heartbeats of life.  For a hamster those 1 billion heartbeats equal, on average, just under 3 years of life, for elephants 1 billion heartbeats gives about 69 years of life.  In the half million year history of human existence on earth humans kept to that approximate 1 billion heartbeat equation too, which added up to about 35 years.  In the last few hundred years of human history we have managed to up that to just less than 3 billion heartbeats in a life.   Again why am I focusing on this?!  Well some where in the last few weeks in the lovely month of April now turned May, during a mediation the leader said something about turning down our brain, our willful mind, and turning up our hearts, our faithful beating hearts.   The loyal rhythmic ruler of our lifespan that needs no direction from our conscious self, the heart beats on, 3 billion heart beats, if we are lucky, best not let too many slip away unnoticed. Welcome May, whatever wonder and wisdom you reveal, my heart awaits.

My sweet, busy husband/webmaster has put this painting and the past 2 weeks art (teacup banner and still life) for sale on my website check it out>


6 responses

  1. Val

    I remember the next door cows well at the Ranch. A sweet memory.

    May 4, 2012 at 7:34 am

  2. Dodd Thorpe

    It’s a good thing that we’re not equipped with a counter ! Luv Gpa

    May 5, 2012 at 12:05 pm

  3. Mary Anne

    Particularly like the bird perched on April’s ‘L’ in your painting! Our warm weather birds have returned to the feeders, and the fields behind my house are plowed, ready for planting. Yesterday 3 deer eased out of the woods and raced across the fields like kids enjoying recess. The earth vibrates with all of these heartbeats.

    May 8, 2012 at 5:25 am

    • Lovely word imagery Mary Anne, thanks for adding a bit of poetry to the day.

      May 10, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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