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Charting Changes: what you can learn about life from your rain gauge.

Last month I marked the essence of February with a painting of the yellow mustard in the vineyards.  I always think of February as yellow.  Now it’s March and March leads with pink. The pink of the flowering tree blossoms is the most obvious but here in California Oak woodland habitat the deciduous oak trees show pink before they leaf too.  So all around us there is an anticipatory rosy feeling, an announcement of pink before the proclamation of green.  These observations have been gathered and cataloged over years, the predictable flow of natures changes (punctuated by surprises) have grounded my life for the past 16 years.  Here I am on this knoll above the Russian River Valley at The Bishop’s Ranch marking time in color and temperature and rainfall.  This place is where I have lived the longest. Having stayed in one place long enough to mark natures patterns I have become more grounded in the flow of life and more reverent of the changes that course through and around me.  Over these past 16 years my husband and I have adopted a practice of my parents and grandparents, the tracking of rain.  We have a nice big rain gauge that can hold up to 10 inches and we mark the totals religiously.  My husband even set up and Excel spreadsheet that graphs and charts the totals so we can compare the change by month and year.  I know this my sound a bit fanatical, but there is something comforting and satisfying to see how things can change and all the while stay the same.  While patterns of rainfall shift from drought to average to flood and back again, there is a leveling over time, nothing stays the same and yet the sequence and cycle remain. Time gives perspective, life’s droughts will flow to plenty and back again and sometime just average is a wonderful thing.

I’ll be taking next week off for some family down time during my son’s spring break, I’ll post my March painting in 2 weeks. Click through to my website there are some new pieces for sale that you might not have seen as well as a list of classes in the upcoming events section at the top


One response

  1. Mary Anne

    This painting is lovely! Enjoy your week wiith your son and family. Yes, the cycles of life and nature are varied yet constant.

    March 19, 2012 at 9:07 am

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