An Artist's Quest

Rain washed and wiped clean, the first rain comes

Well the rain has come to Northern California this week and it feels good and right and bright, like a fresh, clean start.  For those of you not familiar with the region the rains generally stop in May and a slow drying process happens for the next four months, by the end the hills are dry, brittle and parched and the roads and walkways dusty and dingy.  So the first rain is always a relief, a drink of fresh water in our thirsty throats.  (I will say the grape growers aren’t so happy because the mild summer meant a late harvest and the early rain can mean bunch rot).  But I wager that most people, outside the wine industry, where happy to see the rain.  This morning, in a sunny patch between storms, my yard and patio were sparkling and fresh, leaves happy and uplifted, birds chirping in excitement, hopping among rain jeweled branches.  Summer weather gets you thinking about throwing open your doors and mind in search of a warm breeze and adventure, but a cool autumn rain says, soup, and tea and curling up with blankets on the couch.  Autumn beckons you home.  So put away the hammocks and stack up the patio furniture, pull out your favorite sweater, make yourself a pot of tea and come inside, after all that summer wandering it’s pretty nice in there.

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