An Artist's Quest

Girl Getaway, 30 years later we still can stop talking!

I have been struggling all week about what to write about, the green tomatoes waiting on the vine? nah, not ripe yet, how about the House Finches lining the fence? nah maybe next week…. all I can think about this week is the weekend when I get to be with some of my longest, fastest friends, so why not write about that?

We meet thirty years ago at college.  It’s hard for me now to even remember how.  We didn’t all live on the same dorm floor, we didn’t have the same major… but a strong thread connected each of us from one friend to the next that has created a lovely bond.  This is a kind o friendship that is deep and wide and persistent.  I have found over the years there are scores of friendship modes, and I want to say at the start that all kinds of friendship are important for life to roll smoothly and pleasantly along.  There are friends of place, such as work friends, or friends in a class you’re taking.  This is someone you enjoy spending time with, have some laughs and maybe even an after work drink or break time snack, but when someone moves or leaves or the class is over then the friendship fads.  There are friends of circumstance, you have a 3 year old she has a three year old, play time and park time are more pleasant with another mom, but when kids go off to different schools and the circumstances change, the friendship fads.  There are transitory friendships, my family and I just experience this last week on a three-day river-rafting trip.  There were 13 people on the trip but we particularly connected with one couple, chatting and sharing and laughing.  Afterwards the trip photos were exchanged via email but this was a friendship of the moment, one that helps pass the time pleasantly with hugs exchanged at parting.  This is not unlike the little moments of pleasant chat one finds with another while waiting on jury duty or in the DMV line, a transitory friendship typically forged by mutual frustration which fads as quickly as you get to the front of the line.  Let’s not forget the latest friendship phenomenon of “Facebook Friends”.  This is a huge topic all it’s own, a sort of public intimacy that is neither intimate nor personal, a sort of friendship making by casting fistful of seeds and seeing who responds.  I don’t want to dismiss any of these kinds of friendships; even the briefest of friendly encounters adds positive energy into the atmosphere and we all know the world needs as much of that as it can get.  But this weekend is about friendship multifaceted and rich.  When we five get together now it is so brief and infrequent and cherished that no one wants to leave the room lest they miss something.  A fivesome where the talking is so animated and interesting that the one stuck driving this bunch has to pull over or rolling off the road.  I can’t wait!  Friendship over place and time, circumstance and experience one of the truest gifts of this one journey we call  life.

I’ll share more next Friday.  Until then check out art from past blog posts and other bodies of work at


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