An Artist's Quest

What COLOR is Today?

Since Monday’s observation of the earths tilt from spring to summer, standing as we are in this thin place of neither one nor the other I began to take daily readings.  I decided to take the pulse of this place on my daily walks in the form of a color line.  Each day had it’s own palette slightly different than the day before.  The practice reminded me of a phenomenon that was popular in the 80’s (and maybe still is for all I know) to get one’s colors done.  My sweet father decided to gift the women in the household with a color consultation with a color specialist.  The colorist (let’s call her) would look at your natural complexion, eye color, hair color and then give you a little pocket guide filled with color chips (much like paint samples) to guide you in what colors to wear, what color make-up etc.  The colorist in no uncertain terms said I should not wear black (browns and lavender grays were my optimal neutral color).  At the time I was a twenty something living in San Francisco, with nothing in my closet but black, from my black mens sport jacket with the cuffs rolled up to my black Doc Martin loafers…there was no way I was giving that up.  My mom on the other hand (being in a different phase of her life, as traveling professional) embraced her colors.  So much so that when her hair began to turn grey it threw the whole thing off and (correct me if I’m wrong mom) she had her colors redone to reflect this new place on her own personal color wheel.

I’m sharing this because I think there is a metaphor in there for life.  We should take our color pulse.  Reflecting on who we are in the world around us.  Sometime it is good to be in harmony with that palette and sometimes discord is what the situation calls for, to toss all that harmony to the winds (and wear black).  The trick is to pause, to take a reading, to witness the thin places, the transitions, and the changes in our own life’s color wheel.

One of my subscribers, Jane, wrote a wonderful comment to Monday’s post that I hope you will take the time to read.  If you are an email subscriber just click at the top of the email to take you to the website and scroll down to Mondays post and click on comments.  You’ll be glad you did I was profoundly moved by her metaphor.

Next week I will only be posting on Friday.


4 responses

  1. Bonnie

    How well I remember the 80’s “color thing!” I really took my season to heart! It was SUMMER, and I think it began a journey, better yet, a lovely side trip, into enjoying the nuances of color and the seasons. I’m still on that part, but have discarded my obedience to my assigned summer hues from which to dress successfully!

    Amazingly, I’ve come to enjoy black–also “prohibited” in my personal season! It astonishes me how I immersed myself in the idea and how it gradually ran its course over many years, even decades. I still see the lovely thread that weaves through that lesson–one of appreciating color in it’s richness–and power. My side trip into creating “colorwash”
    quilts is a cherished phase I no longer pursue with such vengance.

    My creative self has transitioned to writing and now, specifically visual journaling. Being able to paint is almost an unwritten given! How wonderful it has become to take up a brush and play with the palette and the mystical results. Adding one to another–even black–takes me to another world –one of possibilities beyond control and defining–a thin place to cherish in this journey we call life.

    May 27, 2011 at 2:21 pm

  2. MaryAnne

    When I was in my early 30s, my mother, sister, her mother-in-law, and I participated in the matching the season of colors to your appearance. I think I was identified as a “Spring” but I really wanted to be a “Winter!” I liked the “Spring” colors but also loved yellow and black. I just decided to take the experience with a grain of salt, and wear the colors I loved. Ironically, as my hair has silvered, I now am a “Winter!” The lesson for me is to take the time to listen to your inner voice.

    May 28, 2011 at 7:39 am

    • Wishing for winter, and now you’re there! beautiful> Lisa

      May 30, 2011 at 5:59 pm

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