An Artist's Quest

I survived abundance (but I had to unbutton my pants)

Welcome to the day after the feast. Lots of leftovers and still some dishes to wash but all and all a good time was had.  Throughout the week I tried to take some deep breaths let the cold frosty morning settle in my lungs for a moment, let the long afternoon sun rays settle on my back while watching starlings swirl and dance over the vineyards.  I can’t say honestly that I put away my to do list all together but I let it languish a bit under the stacked of newspapers, I didn’t let it wake me in the wee hours of the morning calling me to add one more item at the bottom.

With great care I made my pumpkin cheesecake, whipping and mixing and baking.  I packed it carefully in the car like one gently buckling her newborn in the car seat ride for that first ride home.  We drove taking our bumpy back-road to another bumpy back-road to our friends’ house, all the while entreating my husband to “drive gently”.  We and the cheesecake and our other Thanksgiving offerings arrived safely.  This was a feast of comfort foods.  Kate brought a delicious oyster casserole made just like her grandma Maude did with Ritz crackers and butter (her hand written notes on the side of the recipe cut from the pages of Better Homes and Garden magazine advise “more crackers, more butter”).  Sonia along with making the traditional bird made the 1950’s favorite with green beans, cream of mushroom soup and crispy onions on top.  The menu went on and on.  Even taking a small dollop of each item my plate was heavy and laden.  And we ate and talked and ate some more, we let the afternoon stretch into evening slowly, gently with no regard to lists or schedules….we were filled in every sense of the word. Deep abundance, give thanks.

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