An Artist's Quest

Welcome to the World

I met Isabelle Sian Bartlett the other day.  Izzy.  I met her at six days old brought, here by her parents who had taken a forty plus year circuitous journey to bring her here.  There is much to be said for knowing what you want and waiting, patiently and sometimes not so patiently, waiting nonetheless, for what is right and true.  Izzy is perfect proof of that.  She showed me all her tricks: looking deeply into my eyes through her deep blue pools, grasping tight my finger, crying until she got the comfort she needed, latching on and nursing until she was as drunk as a sailor on mothers milk, still sucking and drinking while sleeping, curling up completely trusting, completely relaxed.  There are things to be learned from six-day-old Izzy.

I’ll ponder them this week while I make some art, you ponder too. Think about six day old wisdom.  Let’s check in on Friday.

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