An Artist's Quest

The known world

I thought a lot about us spinning away on our own little planet, in our own little country, in our own little towns, in our own little houses, with our own little beating hearts. How small we are how short our stay.  It’s not just a little disconcerting, but I find it strangely comforting at the same time.  A week after another topsy-turvy election where so much energy and passion is spewed out, and so little that is substantial comes of it, I am happy to think this is but a blip on the screen, a barely perceptible scratch on the record of time.  We are tiny in the universe.  This shouldn’t be a perceived as permission to not care it should be a call to not take ourselves so seriously, we are but specks.  Carl Sagan says it best so you really must go to the Carl Sagan You Tube link.  Give yourself 3:32 minutes, make a cup of tea take a deep breath and listen to this wonderful mans soothing voice tell you about our place in the universe…listen all the way till the end and remember we are but “a moat of dust suspended on a sunbeam”.

P.S. Also check out several wonderful comments to Mondays post “The Blue Marble vs The Pale Dot”.


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  1. Julie Graham


    November 14, 2010 at 11:45 pm

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