An Artist's Quest

Three perfect, blue-speckled eggs

Like in the post a few weeks back about the life cycle of an apple tree I thought a lot about the persistence of nature this week. The strong desire of nature to fulfill its destiny, to lay hope in a nest lovingly prepared, knowing that not every effort hatches, not every hope is realized. There is purpose in the effort.  The word vocation came to mind, vocation in its deepest sense, more than a career, a calling.  To walk a path being true to oneself is harder than it sounds.  There is a lot of nest building that happens, a lot of eggs laid.  Some efforts must be abandoned, some hopes set aside.  There is purpose in the effort. A honing of ones thoughts, a refining of ones purpose. It’s is a powerful thing, expectation, desire, and anticipation, wishful and wistful all rolled into one…three perfect, blue-specked eggs, a trinity of hope.

Somewhere in here there is a call to simplify, to use the resources at hand and prepare a nest, to make ready a place, make it sturdy and beautiful, full of our best intentions, lined with the softest most delicate strands of our self and then lay the eggs, our own blue-speckled hopes, not knowing what will come of them just knowing we put our whole true self to the task.  There is purpose in the effort.

PS. My nest pales in comparison master builders, birds. Please check out the link on the on the side bar “Mandala Connections” to look at Sharon Beals homage to avian builders.  Her photos are being compiled into a book that is coming out next year. Thanks for the link Lise

One response

  1. Calen Swift

    Oh! Beautiful. The piece and the writing are beautiful both. This week’s mandala is fitting for me right now, as I am building a new home, striving. “There is purpose in the effort” is an important reminder!

    November 6, 2010 at 2:41 am

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