An Artist's Quest

Wabi Sabi: a ladybug at rest among the thorns

On another walk today with my dog Lucky, I came upon the Yarrow patch that I posted a photo of a few weeks back.  In the intervening days there has been an October heat wave, days of cool damp fog, wind and everything in between, a typical Sonoma Autumn.  The weather is as unsure of how to dress as I am, one day in wooly socks and boots the next day pulling out the sleeveless dress I prematurely packed away.  The Common Yarrow has continued on its life journey, working to fulfill its destiny, making seeds in an effort to recreate itself once again next spring.  I started snapping pictures of these curled and bristly beauties when I came upon this glorious site; a ladybug taking refuge among the prickles!  There is most definitely something to be learned here!

It got me thinking about the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi.  The aesthetic of wabi-sabi is centered on the acceptance of transience, and a notion of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  The little jewel of a ladybug whether, resting, waiting, or dying is unclear, what is clear is a powerful beauty in the juxtaposition of finding refuge in the thorny places.  Something to ponder.

I have put a couple of links in the side bar that go into the definition of wabi-sabi more.  If you find a good site please let the rest of us know.


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