An Artist's Quest

Ode to Common Yarrow

I went in search of this weeks’ inspiration this morning, hiking out to the lake here at The Bishop’s Ranch on this hot Indian summer morning.  I took photos of several things but nothing was speaking to me.  Then I came upon this delicate wild flower that had taken over one bend in the trail just as you approach the lake.  I took several photos from the top and its umbrella-structured underside too.  I picked a couple so I could identify them when I got back home.  I showed it to my husband and he said “it’s Yarrow.”  I said “no that can’t be, we have Yarrow in our yard and it’s not like this!”  A quick examination proved that it was indeed Yarrow:  Common Yarrow, Wild Yarrow, Scrappy Yarrow.  This wild cousin so different from the pampered watered Yarrow in my yard.  So now we have the week to contemplate Common Yarrow, right side up and upside down.  I’ll post on Friday, perhaps you will too.


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