An Artist's Quest

The Spiral: meeting myself again

Well the week has passed in a flash and it is time to share reflections.  After posting my inspiration on Monday of the lovely succulent with all it’s strings attached, I went for a long walk in the back property here at the Ranch. While walking the rolling hills I got to thinking about a quote from Carl Jung that kept spiraling in and out of my thoughts, “We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”  Somehow I wanted to work with that notion in this weeks’ piece.  That led me to the spiral image.  I have often thought of the spiral as an important metaphor for life.  My journey has not been on straight line of growing and understanding (I wish) but more an upward spiral.  Think of the spiral in 3D like a bed spring, going up but still bumping up against the same issues over and over, hopefully from a new perspective, hopefully with a pocket full of lessons learned.  The trick, I guess, is to pull that wadded up tissue of a lesson out of my pocket before making the same mistakes again.

While the inspiration came to me quickly the execution was sometimes frustrating.  I experimented with a molding paste from Golden that I had always wanted to try.  It adds a thickness and a texture that I don’t use much in my work.  I wanted to get the fleshiness of the plant in my image. I was trying to get at the contradiction of softness and sharp points that are a characteristic of the plant.  I struggled with the medium fussing with it all week.  I finally had to stop my self and say done, or drive myself crazy, reglazing, repainting, redoing…. you get the idea. To sum it all up I wrote a little pledge to myself around the edge of the mandala/spiral/succulent that goes like this: I will renew, reflect, recall, receive, recollect, reclaim, reveal.  Wish me luck.  I hope you will share your reflections too in comment area, if you have an image you would like to share let me know through the comments and we’ll work on making it happen.

P.S. After struggling with this all week I went to the Golden Paints website and it turns out they have a really great website with videos on how to use all their different mediums. Live and learn, is that what this weeks mandala challenge was all about.  I posted a link to the Golden site on the “sites I like” side bar.


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