An Artist's Quest

The 1st inspiration: Vitality & Renewal

I chose this succulent as my first prompt for several reasons; first it has a lovely symmetry and color, I love the angular edges and green to pink tones; second, and more importantly, this succulent is one that I inherited from my good friend and mother-in-law Leonora.  I have divided this plant numerous times over the past eight years since her death, it’s youngsters re-potted and shared with friends and family again and again, and then those children divided and re-potted ( I hope)  and shared again, so that the beauty of this one plant has touched many hearts spreading exponentially in ways unknown.  An apt metaphor don’t you think for the launching of this art blog? Where will it go? who will receive it? Who will share it?  Who will take it in and replant it in their own way?

Let the quest begin! Friday I’ll post my art response I hope you will check in for that. Click the subscribe button on the right to get a reminder about weekly posts and in the mean time please post your  insights, reflections, and share your art responses too.


One response

  1. HI LISA!
    Go blogger go!~Gorgeous plant, I think we need a piece of little leonora in our garden! xoxo kieren

    September 21, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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